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There are many questions we get asked about dentures/RDA (removable dental appliance). Please feel free to let us help you with your denture needs.

Do any of these questions apply to you?

  • Do you have a sore mouth?
  • Are your dentures becoming loose?
  • Are you noticing you cannot see your teeth when you smile?
  • Are you struggling to eat properly?
  • Has the shape of your mouth changed?
  • Do you have constantly wet or cracked corners of your mouth?
  1. Do I have to go to a dentist first or can I go straight to Labrador Denture Clinic?

    You don't need a referral from a dentist. You can contact us directly.
  2. How long does it take to make your dentures?

    Typically, 4 to 5 appointments are required and can be completed over a 2 to 3 week period, depending on your availability for your appointments. Dentures can be made quicker in an emergency situation.
  3. What will my new dentures look like?

    All of our dentures are cosmetically crafted to give you the look and smile you are after. We do not go to the finishing stage until you are completely happy with your new smile. We encourage you to take your pre-finished form home to show family members or friends before the final processing stage. This gives you the opportunity to view your dentures in the comfort your own home and request any changes prior to finishing.
  4. Can you make implant retained over-dentures?

    Yes. Richard is an accredited implant over-denture provider and can make new or replacement dentures for your existing, or new, implants. No referral is necessary. Please contact Richard for your consultation.
  5. Will my new dentures feel comfortable?

    In most cases, you would expect to go through an adjustment period. We say to patients it's like buying a new pair of boots/high heels, you can end up with soreness, rub or heel catching but soon you will find your denture will be comfortable and become part of you. If sore spots persist for longer than 2 days, we advise you to call us at Labrador Denture Clinic for a small adjustment, usually this is all that is needed.
  6. My denture is catching, rubbing or feels sore?

    This means you've got an ill-fitting denture, which is likely caused by your gums shrinking away from the denture-fitting surface since the denture was made. This creates a space and can make the denture loose and rub. In some cases, this can be fixed with an adjustment or a relining of the fitting surface.
  7. How long should my dentures last?

    Dentures are designed to wear over time. Normally a denture will last 5 to 8 years. The years vary due to the type of denture inserted - including immediate insertions (when you have your natural teeth removed and your new denture is inserted immediately). Other factors include the quality of teeth used on the denture and how well the denture was made. You will find your gums will change shape and a space will form between your gum and the surface of the denture, this then can make the denture feel loose. If this is the case you may only need your denture relined. It's important to replace your existing dentures with a new denture as wearing ill-fitting and worn out dentures can damage your gum and bone structure.
  8. What is the best way to clean my dentures?

    We recommend you use a denture brush and cleaning solutions that are available from chemists, supermarkets and your denture clinic designed for dentures. It is normal for yellow creamy deposits of calcium from your saliva to build up over time on dentures called calculus. Sometimes you may find that your dentures will also stain or look dull. Coming in to have your denture professionally cleaned is the best way to quickly restore your denture/removable dental appliance back to its former glory.
  9. Should I wear my dentures at night?

    Although it is not essential to remove your dentures at night, we recommend that you remove your dentures at least twice a day. This will help encourage blood flow and healthy gums. It is recommended you speak to Richard or Cindy on an individual basis if you wish to sleep with your dentures.
  10. How often should I see my denture professional?

    Existing patients and new patients are advised to visit Richard and Cindy at least once a year to check the fitting surface of dentures and health of the supporting gums.
  11. Can I claim from my health fund?

    Yes. Cindy and Richard are registered health providers for all major health funds. Labrador Denture Clinic offers on-the-spot health fund claims through HICAPS. We are also a Medibank preferred provider.
  12. What payment plans are available?

    We offer Zip as it is a safe, simple and convenient omni-channel payment option. Zip is an Australian ASX-listed company. Visit Zip allows you to pay for our services lover time in easy monthly installments - with no credit card and no interest.
  13. What is Zip?

    Zip create simple, fair and transparent credit and payment solutions that improve lives every day. Zip allows people to purchase services now, and pay later, interest free. Zip was founded in 2013 in Sydney with a mission to disrupt the unfriendly credit card market by providing consumers with a better, fairer, digital alternative. For more information, Zip Terms and Conditions or to set up an account, please refer to their website;